The Wombats – Everything I Love Is Going To Die

Ever have those moments of complete abandon? When you remember everything and everyone is transitory and you could do whatever you liked because nothing has a modicum of meaning in the grand eternal universe, really? Well that’s what Murph is singing about in ‘Everything I Love Is Going To Die’ and he’s singing about it over an upbeat, toe tapping, radio worthy pop song.

The Wombats have moved a little way on from their early Joy Division hailing guitar band era, these days making sure their songs are packed with bouncy keyboards and several layers of synthesiser, but lyrically they remain funny and endearingly weird, in this song taking that aforementioned nihilistic sensation but using it to dare to reach the sun where Icarus failed and try not to lose that crystal clear moment of clarity in order to get there.

The Wombats

Everything I Love Is Going To Die is the fourth single from The Wombats imminent album ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’, due on 7th January 2022. To accompany the song the band have put out this snazzy lyric video, available to watch below:

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