K.Flay – Outside Voices EP

K.Flay writes gritty, genre-bending, alternative hip hop indie and ‘Nothing Can Kill Us’ is a life affirming, ecstatic pop song about loss and looking back, driving fast and feeling invincible, with bass that will have a good attempt at shattering your speakers.

It’s the lead track from her new ‘Outside Voices’ EP, released November 19th. The rest of the EP covers an equal amount of ground. ‘I’m Afraid Of The Internet’ is a deep dive on the perils of the darkest unforgiving depths of cyberspace over breezy, bouncy melodiousness, ‘Maybe There’s A Way’ is an electronic acoustic ballad about self-redemption and self-acceptance, ‘Weirdo’ is sludgy outcast rock and ‘Caramel and Symphonies’ is grunge with layered harmonies, fuzzy guitars and a fast, heavy drum track. See what we meant about genre-bending?

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