Vona Vella – Rainy Days

Strap Originals Two-Parter: Part 1 – Last Friday, 26th November, Strap Originals released two fantastic new singles – Vona Vella – Rainy Days and Evan Williams – When The Shutters Rise Again, so we’re bringing you reviews of them both. First up, Rainy Days by Vona Vella.

Vona Vella’s second single, Rainy Days, is an expressive piano melody documenting the dying embers of a relationship. This time around the duo utilise harmonies in The Staves fashion with stripped back keys and Dan Cunningham’s haunting Nick Drake vocals take the lead. The words and melody imbue the song with a melancholy sadness, observing of an estranged partner “there’s no light in your eyes, you’re more like a rainy day”.

The austere video highlights Davis and Cunningham’s remarkable talent, with the pair performing in a vast music hall filled with grand pianos and nothing else. The video’s available to watch below.

Coming up tomorrow – Strap Originals Two-Parter: Part 2 – Evan Williams – When The Shutters Rise Again

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