Black Country, New Road – Concorde

The ascent to lofty heights of indie success for Black Country, New Road has been swift. Since forming in 2019 as part of the Brixton Windmill scene, they have already received massive acclaim from all and sundry and put out a highly revered eight track debut album ‘For The First Time’. A few short months later, the seven-person strong troupe has returned with a selection of songs from their next record, ‘Ants From Up There’, the latest of which is ‘Concorde’.

For BC, NR, known for their clash of classically trained musicianship, meandering jazz and alternative guitar, ‘Concorde’ is, believe it or not, a restrained, orthodox song. Singer Isaac Wood’s voice hits somewhere between The National’s Matt Berninger and Conor Oberst, his words contemplating grief, the song careening between quiet verse and loud chorus, with saxophone flitting in and out of the mix.

When, for other bands, the song might have ended at the 3 minute 20 mark, there’s a short lull and a delicate mandolin break as Wood has some tender, confessional words for the object of the song’s attention before, in more familiar BC, NR style, the track builds to a grand, orchestral end.

If you like what you hear, new LP ‘Ants From Up There’ comes out on 4th February 2022.
Before that date comes you may be able to catch them live, as they’re currently touring.
For more information on the album’s release and to try to find a tour date that’s not yet sold out, head over to Black Country, New Road’s website – click here.

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