Spector – I’m Not Crying You’re Crying

Spector’s third studio album, the appropriately titled ‘Now or Whenever’, has been delayed for months after its original October release date, with blame laid firmly at the door of the current vinyl shortage, but to keep us attentive the London lads have been drip feeding us a stream of classic singles.

Keyboard led ‘I’m Not Crying You’re Crying’ is the latest instalment, a sense of foreboding hangs about as the group adopt a Tame Impala flair. Fred Macpherson’s singing approaches Flaming Lips vocalist Mark Coyne pitch during the levitating chorus, as the lyricist considers the end of a seemingly doomed relationship in the haunting couplet “I’ve been having nightmares/ wishing they’d come true”.

The brilliant video for the track is a happy leap from the song’s solemn sound with Macpherson and synth/guitarist Jed Cullen appearing with puppet doppelgängers (created by Evelinka Puppets) in scenarios and tourist spots about the capital, including eating an eggs benedict and iced coffee breakfast, travelling about on an open top bus and getting squiffy on bottles of Asahi.

You can find the video below and, hopefully, ‘Now or Whenever’ will be released on 7th January 2022 via their own label, Moth Noise. If you want to pre-order a copy in a range of formats, bundles and a host of other merch you should definitely click here.

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