Horsegirl – Billy

Chicago noise-pop trio Horsegirl make shoegaze indiepop music like Kevin Shields writing songs for Belle & Sebastian. Billy is a largely uncomplicated record with rolling drums, a fuzzy, repeating guitar chime and Penelope Lowenstein’s simple, lazy backing vocals. Yet Nora Cheng’s deliciously impassive vocals flip the track into a filmic dimension when she tells us about a day in the life of a misanthropic character named Billy, a story that the band, who have an age range between 17-19 years and are fanatics of underground 1980s and 1990s alternative music, have said is “a love letter to past music scenes we wish we could have witnessed”.

Photo Credit: Todd Fisher

Billy is Horsegirl’s first release on new label Matador records and only the fourth song of their gradually expanding collection. Watch the single’s homemade video below:

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