The Mysterines – The Bad Thing

The Mysterines keep hitting higher and higher heights of lowdown dark and gritty garage rock. In ‘The Bad Thing’, the Liverpool four-piece plumb their deepest depths yet. Frontwoman Lia Metcalfe, in a jaded, baying serenade, imagines digging up a long-dead lover from the grave in order to commit some nefarious deed. A slow burning single starting with slow distorted, echoey guitars, the song accelerates in the style of Patti Smith’s Gloria, eventually evolving into a churning rock’n’roll ball of riffs, heavy bass and frantic drums as Metcalfe wonders incredulously “Who in their right mind/ would do the shit you’re asking?”, seemingly now becoming disturbed by her own crooked fantasy.

‘Reeling’, the debut album from The Mysterines, will be released on 11th March 2022 via Fiction Records.

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