The K’s – Picture

One of the perils of 21st Century living, when you’re casually, nonchalantly scrolling through the instagram account of an old partner and, horror of horrors, your clumsy sausage fingers tap the screen on a picture from 36 weeks ago. You try to tap again to undo it but, in the fluster, end up sending over a second heart alert.

It’s such a painful scenario that The K’s have turned it into a hi-octane, dancefloor indie smash, part Panic! At The Disco, part Editors. Singer and rhythm guitarist Jamie Boyle tries to shrug off the whole debacle, hoping it’ll just make the girl smile, but in the next breathe confesses that it’s stopped him sleeping so really, Jamie, your aloofness isn’t fooling anyone!

You can listen to The K’s latest stadium-sized indie anthem on Spotify, below, and if you want you can catch them on tour they have a string of appearances through the rest of this year and into the start of next. Visit The K’s website for more details.

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