Bloc Party – Traps

To come up with new single ‘Traps’, art-rockers Bloc Party have delved back into their own archives, interrogating debut album ‘Silent Alarm’ and singer Kele Okereke’s solo output to compose a sure-fire indie club monster. The band’s line up has changed considerably in latter years, having lost and gained an entire rhythm section in 2016, and the importance of razor-sharp riffist Russell Lissack’s role in the band is now searingly clear as, when their craftsmanship is stripped back to basics, his earworm hooks coupled with Okereke’s distinctive voice are the defining elements of the Bloc Party sound.

‘Traps’ may be similar to their early stuff but the foursome of 2021 are lyrically ballsy in a way they never have been before, as Kele openly and forwardly pursues a wannabe bed partner with lines like “You’re not making it easy for me/ strutting ‘round here in those pum pum shorts”, “Meet me in the boom boom room/ and we can do what you like”, even co-opting ‘Grease Lightning’ lyrics to get his lusty way.

Bloc Party’s new album ‘Alpha Games’ will be released on 29th April 2022 via Infectious / BMG. Hit the link to pre-order, pre-save and find out more.

Find the video for Traps below:

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