Death of the High Street – Drink Driver

Death of the High Street have put out some top quality tunes this year and they’re leaving 2021 in style with new single Drink Driver, an appropriate public service broadcast for the festive period: the bleak story of a lager-sodden, down on his luck dropout who exists illegally behind the wheel of his Vauxhall Astra, soundtracked by cowbell and a meaty Stooges bass line.

Alongside the single DOTHS have unearthed a music video recorded by them on a £50 budget in 2019. The promo clip shows singer Scott navigating roads wearing smudged clown make up, oversized red shoes and battered suit, bottle of vodka in hand, sat in a kids Early Learning Centre foot to floor ride on plastic car being chased by drummer Joey in policeman costume riding a similarly undersized toy police car.

Drink Driver is out NOW! Looking forward to much more from Death of the High Street in the new year! Check out the video below:

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