Best Coast – Leading

There’s a fun simplicity to Best Coast – power chord rock, west coast (obviously, duh) surf vibe, Beth Cosentino’s optimistic emo pop vocals, easy rhymes (“Nostalgia’s overrated/ or maybe it’s just complicated?”). ‘Leading’ is, thank all of the Californian gods, more of the same. This time the duo have teamed up with Los Angeles’ wonderful DIY teen punks The Linda Lindas who play the role of Beth n’ Bob’s backing band.

The release of Best Coast’s latest album, the brilliant Always Tomorrow, was rudely interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, so the duo are taking the opportunity to breathe new life into it with an expanded deluxe version, out on January 7th 2022, with ‘Leading’ coming out as the leading (lol) track. Hit the link to find out more about the release and their US tour.

Find a link to the song on Spotify below.

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