Billy Nomates – Christmas is for Lovers, Ghosts and Children

The mighty Billy Nomates has written and released a Christmas song to raise funds for Feed The Homeless Bristol throughout December. ‘Christmas is for Lovers, Ghosts and Children’ highlights the disconnect between the festive season shown online, in the media, on the high street and the reality many people experience – of Christmas being a poignant, lonely time.

The message is starkly honest but Billy AKA Tor Maries manages to include all the seasonal hallmarks of jingle bells, handclaps and some euphoric synthesiser alongside her unassumingly soulful vocals with the overarching request being just to spare a thought and give a hand to people who find the holiday period tough.

‘Christmas is for Lovers, Ghosts and Children’ is currently available to purchase on a pay what you like basis on Billy Nomates bandcamp. Tap here if you’d like to spare a few quid to own the track and give to a great cause.

We also recommend you click on the following link to read about the essential work Feed The Homeless Bristol do.

The video is also available to watch on Youtube below:

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