Nicky Wire – Keeper of the Flame

As a rule of thumb, in most bands the frontman is the powerhouse, the largest personality, the loudest mouth. But for Wales’ absolute greatest, Manic Street Preachers, that’s simply not the case, with singer and guitarist James Dean Bradfield being the first to admit his charisma weighs in at only a fraction of his lyricist,Continue reading “Nicky Wire – Keeper of the Flame”

Skullcrusher – Whatever Fits Together

Underneath layers of sun-bleached and melancholy, echoey anti-folk guitar strums and blissfully distorted keyboard, New York solo artist Helen Ballentine, also known as Skullcrusher, delivers an emotion tugging new single, ‘Whatever Fits Together’, about leaving home to search for something without knowing what that something is, a notion further poignantly compounded by Skullcrusher’s floaty, otherworldlyContinue reading “Skullcrusher – Whatever Fits Together”

Panic Shack – Baby Shack EP

There’s nothing more punk rock than mastering the raw power of three chords fused with simple, effective rhymes and on the Baby Shack EP Panic Shack prove themselves skilled artisans of just that. With a healthy dose of humour and an audible sense of fun, the Cardiff four-piece take a handful of, in less-adept hands,Continue reading “Panic Shack – Baby Shack EP”

David Ford – 2 Shots

To wishfully launch us into an optimistic and brighter new year, singer songwriter David Ford has granted us a small screen operatic ballad of coronavirus sparring hope. Recalling, over piano and violin, finer days of “Rock’n’Roll/soda pop and Philly soul”, the latter-day troubadour considers the stunting impact of the virus, “a thousand dumb conspiracies” andContinue reading “David Ford – 2 Shots”

Disgraceful Friend – Craft Excluder

Independent author Ryan Bracha has an alter-ego. His name is Disgraceful Friend and this alter-ego has just released a spunky second album, Craft Excluder. Slotting into a bookshelf laterally with Scroobius Pip, Sleaford Mods and sonically with Working Mens Club, the record is compiled of Bracha’s sarky spoken word nestled just under the surface ofContinue reading “Disgraceful Friend – Craft Excluder”

Billy Nomates – Christmas is for Lovers, Ghosts and Children

The mighty Billy Nomates has written and released a Christmas song to raise funds for Feed The Homeless Bristol throughout December. ‘Christmas is for Lovers, Ghosts and Children’ highlights the disconnect between the festive season shown online, in the media, on the high street and the reality many people experience – of Christmas being aContinue reading “Billy Nomates – Christmas is for Lovers, Ghosts and Children”

Beija Flo – Heads or Tails

‘Heads or Tails’ is a 1 minute 35 second new wave tornado that packs in social commentary and performer Beija Flo’s dismay at the fate of her hometown, Harlow in Essex. A speedy, vivacious, experimental jam backed with samples of Beija’s mates chatting and kicking off. You actually feel like you’re spending a night inContinue reading “Beija Flo – Heads or Tails”