Skullcrusher – Whatever Fits Together

Underneath layers of sun-bleached and melancholy, echoey anti-folk guitar strums and blissfully distorted keyboard, New York solo artist Helen Ballentine, also known as Skullcrusher, delivers an emotion tugging new single, ‘Whatever Fits Together’, about leaving home to search for something without knowing what that something is, a notion further poignantly compounded by Skullcrusher’s floaty, otherworldly vocals.

The celestial effects laid over the main song get stripped away from the track toward the end, releasing Skullcrusher’s cherubic, transcendent vocals from the layers of sonic contortion to ask the ultimate, basic overarching questions “Do you ever look back? Does it all fit together? If we’re here, does it matter?” and the fact the song fades out leaving the query hanging there meaningfully in the air before a short piano outro, we’ll hedge a self-educated guess that the answer to the final question is “no”.

Skullcrusher’s long anticipated debut album ‘Quiet the Room’ is due for release on 14th October 2014 and is available to pre-order now on bandcamp on pink glass translucent vinyl and other formats. The track list can be found below:

  1. They Quiet The Room
  2. Building a Swing
  3. Whatever Fits Together
  4. Whistle of The Dead
  5. Lullaby in February
  6. Pass Through Me
  7. Could it be the way I look at everything?
  8. Outside, Playing
  9. It’s Like A Secret
  10. Sticker
  11. Window Somewhere
  12. (secret instrumental)
  13. Quiet the Room
  14. You are my House

‘Whatever Fits Together’ has a spell-binding video and you can watch it below:

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