Sugarstone – That’s Intense

Fuzzy distortion. Low rumbling electro squelches. Dance-metal beats and mosh-rock screams. The title of Manchester dreamy-electro hard-rockers Sugarstone’s latest single sums up the vibe entirely in two words – ‘That’s Intense’, although if the record was named after our reaction on our first listen the title would be: ‘Woah, That Was Fucking Massively Intense! Lemme Listen To It Again’.

Their new synth punk single has a bit of Nine Inch Nails, a bit of The Prodigy and even indie-dance, like a more hardcore version of Friendly Fires, all adding up to a tune as suited to a hot and sunny summer festival rave-up just as much as it would be a beery evening at the Night & Day.

‘That’s Intense’ was released on Friday 5th August and is the first single from their forthcoming EP. There’s a music video coming in the next few days, 16th August, but for now we’ve added the Spotify link below. Get it in your ears:

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