Black Honey – Charlie Bronson

Singer and guitarist Izzy Phillips feels a sense of affinity with a somewhat unlikely, on the surface at least, character on Black Honey’s first single since sophomore album ‘Written & Directed’ was released in 2021. ‘Charlie Bronson’ sees the artist aligning herself with Britain’s most notorious prisoner who, in Izzy’s eyes, is also an embodiment of a discordant force of nature that can’t be accepted by society.

The group adorn their combative, outsider-chic allusion with a raging glam, power-pop stomp, confrontational bellows of “I’m Charlie fucking Bronson”, guitars violently fuzzed up to the max, an earworm of a chorus and lyrics that reference either Izzy’s or Bronson’s (or both’s) “Big smile just like Harley Quinn”, dropping in a fleeting impression of the Charlie Bit My Finger meme at the end, keeping the mood of a song about a divisive outlaw as light as Black Honey possibly can.

‘Charlie Bronson’ was released on 10th August 2022 and is available on all the streaming sites. You can find the video, which sees a bunch of people knocking seven bells out of each other in a boxing ring, below:

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