Panic Shack – Baby Shack EP

There’s nothing more punk rock than mastering the raw power of three chords fused with simple, effective rhymes and on the Baby Shack EP Panic Shack prove themselves skilled artisans of just that. With a healthy dose of humour and an audible sense of fun, the Cardiff four-piece take a handful of, in less-adept hands, potentially sombre and wrenching feminist subjects and turn them into fearless, celebratory, booming anthems.

Every bit the last gang in town gleefully taking on a rock scene of dull lads, Panic Shack rip their way through explaining how much more of a sin nicking a lighter is than borrowing some tobacco on ‘Where’s My Lighter?’, giving some pervs a violent lesson through martial arts with ‘Jiu Jits You’, ‘I Don’t Really Like It’s power of self-assertion, politely explaining what will happen if anyone ever tries to make their non-maternal arms hold a baby – you better know a decent plasterer (if the warning isn’t enough then hopefully their ear-shredding baby wails will halt you), boring Mannequin Men in boring London bands and the self-fulfilling danger of avoiding giant great big red danger flags in a relationship on latest single ‘The Ick’, even when the flag is putting milk first in the tea cup.

This is riot grrl punk with a Welsh bent and a sense of humour to help the medicine go down.

Panic Shack’s Baby Shack EP was released on 8th April 2022 is available to buy through their bandcamp right now on limited edition pink splattered 12″ vinyl.

The group are also playing a SOLD OUT headline show at Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach on Saturday 7th May supported by Try Me and Alice Low.

Find the video for latest single The Ick below:

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