dexter – Paper Cup / Different

South London singer-producer dexter follows in the footsteps of Arlo Parks with serene bedroom-dance tune ‘Paper Cup’. The 18 year old songwriting newcomer manages to miraculously merge together lo-fi indie with the kind of tune you’d hope to hear playing at the start of the night when you’re walking into a club and sings about being so crazy in messy love to the level of not being able to do normal stuff like fill up a paper cup.

Second track ‘Different’ begins as a confessional, delicate acoustic love song, pleading to a partner not to leave, and then out of nowhere develops a whole other texture of deep resonant beats as singer Charmaine unloads a bunch more heartbreak as no-one seems to live up to the former beau.

dexter has put out a video for Paper Cup that you can watch below, with the artist taking in London’s nightlife from the middle backseat of a car:

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