Vona Vella – Go Outside Forever EP

Leicestershire duo Vona Vella are Izzy Davis and Dan Cunningham, both musicians and singers with distinctive vocal styles in their own right, together making a sheer, auspicious musical force. On debut EP ‘Go Outside Forever’ the couple create a whole world to slip inside of and escape in to within the space of six songs. A record of driving off to a better climate away from woes, breaking and repairing relationships, carefree sun-drenched beach days and rainy days of sad heartache and longing, lyrically beatific and occasionally barbed.

Izzy and Dan are individually capable artists but as Vona Vella their talents compliment each other with Cunningham’s deep, raspy croon working alongside Davis’s tender, blissful voice. They explore this arrangement over the course of the EP with upbeat, echoey, Jack Johnson escapism in ‘Driving To L.A‘ and ‘Sun‘, and the reflective, downcast ‘Threading Needles‘ and ‘Rainy Days‘, each member taking their turn at the fore.

Title song ‘Go Outside Forever‘ launches the group into a dreamier, ethereal stratosphere as Izzy takes the lead, with haunting piano parts, driving drum line and handclaps as the singer compares the end of a familiar relationship to uncertain, shelterless exile. ‘Fool In Love With Me‘ is a deceptively cutting waltz as the couple take turns in berating, seemingly not each other but some anonymous soul who seems to be head over heels, over a slight acoustic strum with swooning backing coos.

Having released their first song Sun in 2020 and swiftly getting a Morcheeba remix before creating this record with Strap Originals, Vona Vella’s trajectory has been a speedy one. Go Outside Forever is a majorly accomplished debut EP, creating a soundscape to lose yourself inside, and acts a more than solid springboard to whatever their career may bring.

Find the hypnotic video for Go Outside Forever below and find the EP on all the streaming services now:

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