College Elite – Next Semester

There’s a brand new single out from this Californian pop-punk group. It’s a bit Bowling For Soup, a bit Simple Plan, a bit New Found Glory, and it’s called ‘Next Semester’ by College Elite. Ok, I lie. College Elite aren’t Californian, they’re actually from Manchester, England, and the DIY solo project of songwriter Joshua Williams, but you’d be forgiven for mistaking this two and a half minutes of powerpop for real deal US college dorm rock.

Commencing with spoken clips of a girl from an american teen movie, ‘Next Semester’ is pure high energy, fizzy, buzzsaw guitars and fuzzy vocals. It tells the protagonist’s story of coming home from his first semester at college to find his now ex-girlfriend has thrown out his X-Files DVD boxset – and, fair play, that would be pretty damn unforgiveable.

Next Semester was recorded at Mad Fox Studio with producer Tayte Nickols, who incidentally also produced the brilliant Supera Morza. The track was released last Friday, 28th January, and you can see the lyric video below:

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