Panic Shack – Mannequin Man

Listen up! Panic Shack, have a riot grrl threat for all the London lads in bands with absolute zilch to say who should probably surrender up their guitars and stick to ashen faced modelling. Cardiff’s leading lights are not impressed and if they’re in the vicinity, they gleefully proffer, “you better run as fast as you can”.

After a two year break from putting out singles, the DIY dancefloor punks are back with a mockney sneer, new wave guitars and sixties girl group backing vox, ready to make some half-arsed boy rockers quake in their cowboy boots.

New single ‘Mannequin Man’ is the first sighting of the ‘Shack’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Baby Shack’, due for release on Brace Yourself Records – 8th April on spectacular pink splattered vinyl. You can order your own copy by tapping here. The group are also supporting Cardiff’s other new visionaries Buzzard, Buzzard, Buzzard at The Scala, London, on 10th March before the two head out on tour together in April. Tap here for tickets.

Watch the song’s video, performed against the backdrop of Landahn Tahn, below:

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