Grimes – Shinigami Eyes

Pop’s meta-dimensional ethereal homotechno pixie, Grimes, is here with another trance-inducing slice of utopian electronica. This time, her hypnotic beats are fronted by lyrics contemplating a world seen through the ‘Shinigami Eyes‘ – referring to both the Google Chrome browser add-on that clearly marks out transphobic and trans-friendly social network users, along with the Japanese manga Death Note anime from 2003 in which to have ‘Shinigami Eyes’ means the ability to see a person’s name and lifespan on looking at them. Grimes, however, uses a more poetic interpretation when she introduces the video by confessing: “I like making friends with demons, you need special eyes to see them”.

In Japanese folklore, Shinigami are gods or supernatural spirits that invite humans into the world of the dead. So entirely normal subject matter from the world of Claire Boucher, then.

Shinigami Eyes’ is taken from Grimes next album, Book 1, will will be preceded by her Fairies Cum First EP. Both records are without a release date as of yet but we were previously introduced to the album with December’s single Player of Games. Check out the hyper-colour-fantasy video for Shinigami Eyes below:

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