Grace Calver – Zombie Conversations

Artwork: Lee Thomas

Grace Calver is tired of crappy, short-winded Instagram conversations with wannabe casanovas who end up losing steam before they make it to a first date. So much so, she has turned her frustration into ‘Zombie Conversations’, a charming slack-pop dedication to wasted time on time wasters. Grace’s home counties accent sounds perfectly unimpressed over loose, chilled-out guitar with a sanguine melody.

As the author of the Grace Note blog and host of The Only Way Is Indie radio show, Calver has spent years taking in and promoting the best alternative music on offer and, with the commencement of her own solo musical career, the sounds of artists as diverse as Mitski and The Sherlocks all seep into her own candy-coated compositions.

‘Zombie Conversations’ is available on all the streaming sites. We’ve given you a Spotify link below:

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