Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Backhand Deals

Like us, you may have been bracing yourself for a highly sexed, 70s prog-rock inspired, throwback debut LP from Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, but the little wonder of an album they’ve pulled out the bag is a far different thing.

Using glam and psychedelic rock tricks from T-Rex to Slade, the Cardiff boys have coupled up traditional corduroy and denim upbeat boogie stylings with political and cultural zeitgeist capturing lyrics. Now don’t get us wrong, charisma and confidence are still in plentiful supply, there are plenty of sassy, bolshy choruses, hip shaking verses, and so much confidence, in fact, that they have casually tossed aside some of their biggest scorers to date – past releases ‘Hollywood Actors’ and ‘John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ’ for starters, but in doing so they have put out into the world a cohesive and consistent contribution to the Welsh musical canon.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are (L-R) Zac White – guitar, Ethan Hurst – drums, Ed Rees – bass, Tom Rees – vocals and guitar.

Much of ‘Backhand Deals’ takes a wry look at current popular and consumer culture. The new aeon is witheringly dissected in ‘New Age Millennial Magic’, placing themselves in the shoes of a Western individual couched in luxury and convenience while the wider world festers. ‘Good Day’ takes a look under the cover of toxic positivity and the odds forever stacked in favour of the richest kids, and so the topics go, keeping firmly on the side of the disadvantaged majority trying to make their way in a world of privilege, gleefully suggesting on buoyant rouser ‘Break Right In’ that the beaten and downtrodden “go for a good old smash and grab” in the “nearest hardware store or Ikea shop floor” but keeping it considerate and only rioting after closing time.

‘Backhand Deals’ is no throwback, retro-obsessed record. It does take solid cues from rock music committed to vinyl several decades ago, but Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard polish those sounds up and breathe new life into them, infusing them with the libido, turmoil and social conscience of the twenty-first century. Brand spanking good as new.

‘Backhand Deals’ was released on 25th February 2022 and is available to stream and buy NOW. Head over to the Official Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard store for a whole bunch of dazzling bundles you can buy. We’ve included the band’s latest video – Good Day below for your visual and audial entertainment.

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