Krush Puppies – Love Kills The Demons

If ‘Love Kills The Demons’, then this song will have a fair crack at taking out the oppressive blighters as well. South Londoners Krush Puppies have turned the vibrato-fuzz up and peppered their latest track with flutes and an empowering message to fool the ghouls out of the netherworld with an ethereal three chord ditty before sending them straight back from whence they came. Like Warpaint with a covert sense of humour and an overt sense of hope and effects pedals.

Krush Puppies are newly signed to Sports Teams’ Holm Front records. ‘Love Kills The Demons’ is the title track of their recently announced ‘Love Kills The Demons’ EP – for release on 6th May 2022 – a limited edition pastel pink 12” version of which is available to pre-order. The track listing is:

1. Throw Me On The Fire
2. Love Kills The Demons
3. Why
4. Everybody Wants To Be A Cowboy

The video was filmed on a £30 budget and is based on the symbolic concept of love conquering demons via adult baptism, replete with a creepy zombie Christian rock band at the end. We’ve included it below for you to take a look:

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