Pigeon Wigs – Death of a King

Cardiff’s most extravagant six-piece have graced us with their second proper single ‘Death of a King’. Although the pomp and hubris of debut single ‘Near The Knuckle’ is fully intact, their newest dispatch is, in Pigeon Wigs world anyway, a slightly more restrained affair. Wrapped around a spirited piano line and some brash saxophone blasts, at one point a full sax solo, the song proves that, although big glam statements are what Pigeon Wigs are all about, they can tone it down a notch if it suits the occasion, just like when Queen go all hushed in bits of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Pigeon Wigs debut EP ‘Rock by Numbers’ of which this is the first puzzle piece, will be released on 10th June.

The video for ‘Death of a King’ is another masterwork, based on the French Revolution and featuring a food fight between King Louis XVI and a couple peasants, as well as Mary Antoinette buried under and eating loads of cakes. It’s here to watch below:

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