Pit Pony – Black Tar

Credit: Nigel John

By rights ‘Black Tar’s hi-velocity drum beat and pulsating bass should be backing some sweaty hardcore punk track, but Pit Pony have taken that blueprint and flipped it over by casting in a wailing guitar riff and frontwoman Jackie Purver’s vocals that drift from impassive to passionate-as-fuck over the space of mere seconds, creating a bristly, industrial fuzz-rock tribute to debilitating but vincible anxiety in the process.

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s Pit Pony release ‘Black Tar’, their first new music since 2020, as their debut single on Leeds label Clue Records. The group have played a load of support shows over the past six months with IDLES and LIFE and head back out on a UK tour in April.

You can check out the video for ‘Black Tar’ below:

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