Supera Morza – I’m Working It Out

Another single from an Edge of Arcady newbie favourite. For their third single, ‘I’m Working It Out’, Manchester’s Supera Morza have flung another essential grunge-pop, screeching bone-crusher at us, scaling Nirvana level heights, gullet-wrecking growls and confession that there’s something they’re trying to work out and “It’s all kinda shit”. Just as long as they’re not talking about their music, as that would be a bare-faced lie.

But if Kurt Cobain’s Seattle clan felt there was ‘Something In The Way’ and took a subtle, slow paced route through it, Supera Morza’s method of “working it out” is to steamroller everything the fuck down.

‘I’m Working It Out’ was released on Friday 4th March and is available on all the usual streaming outlets. Check it out on Spotify below:

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