Working Men’s Club – Widow

If New Order had mastered their way around synthesisers and drum machines a few years earlier and pioneered their electro concept while Ian Curtis was still about then they may have managed to come up with something in the style of ‘Widow’.

Frontman Syd Minksy-Sargeant’s melodic-cyborg vocals speak horror film lyrics over deceptively euphoric synth-notes and squelchy beats that you could both wallow in or dance up a sweat to.

‘Working Men’s Club’ have announced the release of their second album ‘Fear Fear’ on 15th July 2022 via Heavenly Records which is available to buy on translucent pink or blue vinyl and CD at their band camp. The track listing is below:

1. ’19’
2. ‘Fear Fear’
3. ‘Widow’
4. ‘Ploys’
5. ‘Cut’
6. ‘Rapture’
7. ‘Circumference’
8. ‘Heart Attack’
9. ‘Money Is Mine’
10. ‘The Last One’

If you want to have a look at the video for ‘Widow’ you can find it here too:

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