The Clockworks – Endgame

Galway via London four-piece The Clockworks have come out with a turbulently energetic new single, Endgame.

The track, built on top of a violently euphonious guitar line, is named after the Samuel Beckett play rather than the Marvel film and sees frontman James McGregor take on the persona of a pool playing lush, going out of his mind trying to fathom the state of modern music genres, intent on holding himself back from the precipice of a potentially ugly drinking problem caused by said mental wrangling, thankfully producing a cracking tune in the process.

‘Endgame’ is the first release from The Clockworks forthcoming debut EP ‘The Clockworks’, due to be released through It’s Creation Baby on Friday 1st April. The tracklisting follows:

  1. Endgame
  2. Money (I Don’t Wanna Hear It)
  3. Feels So Real
  4. The Temper

You should pre-save the full EP and you can listen to ‘Endgame’ below:

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