Andrew Cushin – Catch Me If You Can

The latest instalment from Newcastle’s most touted’s forthcoming debut EP ‘You Don’t Belong’, due out on April 22nd, is sauntering strut of a single ‘Catch Me If You Can’. Andrew Cushin’s inimitable, wordly vocals recount his fascination with “the girl without intentions” – “she showed me things I never should have seen, yeah she’s broken into my mind and stolen my dreams” alongside a forceful, impelling rhythm and rapturous backing ‘ahh’s.

The singer-songwriter is telling us: either about a girl he fleetingly met, a sense of expansive foreboding, or the 2022 equivalent of whoever Ian Brown had in mind when writing “She Bangs The Drums”.

‘Catch Me If You Can’ was released last Friday 25th March and you can hear it now on all the usual streaming places. The ‘You Don’t Belong’ EP is out on April 22nd through Strap Originals records.

Andrew Cushin has also announced a bunch of live dates. If you want to catch him live you can find the full list of dates and sale link, along with the video for ‘Catch Me If You Can’ below:

Tickets are available here.

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