Dead Freights – Who Said Scared?

A mischievous mood of violence and tension cloaks ‘Who Said Scared?’ from the off, as Dead Freights beckon in their second single on 25 Hour Convenience Store records with a slow, ringing guitar and a horror film soundtrack sheen – singer Charlie James lyrics poetically digging darkly into an ill-fated relationship: “she said “bury me honey, I’m a wretch”, and then slept next to the skull on my arm”.

The initial scene is set and a slow building chorus evilly coos the track’s title over a metronomic drum beat. A sense of unease builds, boils over and the main horror attack strikes with big filthy riffs, foreboding bass and a speedy, paranoid pace, “she crept like a threat that I hadn’t noticed yet, like she could sense the sense of regret in the back of my head. Well who said scared? Asleep under the monster’s bed” James intones and by the song’s end he’s shouting the title with a shaky air of false bravado.

A song of myriad parts, tempos and animalistic mettle, ‘Who Said Scared?’ is a sure sign of the knockout stockpile of tracks Dead Freights have up their sinister sleeves and is no doubt going to go down a storm in the lads live sets for many moons to come.

‘Who Said Scared?’ was released on all streaming platforms on 1st June 2022. You can find the youtube link below:

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