The Lucettas – Cyracos

“Yeah, thing is though, music is not something you can hold in your hand like football betting cards, or coke”… and so starts Essex boys The Lucettas latest single ‘Cyracos’, lead in by a Sopranos quote about the abstract magic of music, and the single’s title, which for the uninitiated is not a Greek island but an over-the-counter stress relief tablet, chanted over and over in the background. A bold start to an incredibly bold tune.

‘Cyracos’ is a gruff voiced, bluesy indie rock track full of meaty guitars and effervescent melody. Singer Tommy Garry tells the story of a confused relationship, free living and prioritising happiness, with a little support from the aforestated anti-anxiety pills, as full-throttle guitars and a playful bassline hold prominence over some completely phrenetic drumming. If you’re a fan of Andrew Cushin or The K’s, hell even Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or Arctic Monkeys at their scuzziest, you’ll wanna hear this.

‘Cyracos’ was released on Friday 1st July 2022 and the group currently have a couple live dates lined up to support the single. Tickets were still available at the time of writing. You can catch them at:

Corn Exchange – Hertford – 14th July 2022
The Underbelly – Hoxton, London – 20th July 2022 (free ticketed show)

Hear ‘Cyracos’ on Spotify below:

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