Dry Cleaning – Don’t Press Me

Excellently innovative London post-punks Dry Cleaning are usually famously unfussed, frontwoman Florence Shaw delivering spoken word vocals that barely rise above the volume you would talk into a handsfree phone-mic when trying to keep inconspicuous in the quiet carriage of a train, whilst their guitars drive and clang away like the very best of them.

However, on latest single ‘Don’t Press Me’ Shaw has been riled enough to actually sing a few notes. And what, you may reasonably ask, has got up her nose? To be honest we’re not too sure, but it seems to be something about someone messing about with her PC gaming mouse, with the vocalist crossly rebuking “Don’t touch my gaming mouse, you rat”. So yeah, leave Florence’s gaming hardware alone – if that is actually what the song’s about.

‘Don’t Press Me’ is the first single from Dry Cleaning’s second album ‘Stumpwork’, following on from their 2021 debut ‘New Long Leg. ‘Stumpwork’ has a release date of 21st October 2022, via 4AD records. It’s available to pre-order now. The tracklisting is below:

1. Anna Calls From The Arctic
2. Kwenchy Kups
3. Gary Ashby
4. Driver’s Story
5. Hot Penny Day
6. Stumpwork
7. No Decent Shoes For Rain
8. Don’t Press Me
9. Conservative Hell
10. Liberty Log
11. Icebergs

You can watch the video for ‘Don’t Press Me’ below:

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