Cosmorat – Cool Down

For starters, this may be the only song ever recorded that uses a telephone dialling tone as percussion. Secondly, and most importantly, Cosmorat’s latest single ‘Cool Down’ is a completely fun indie emo-pop tune – a bit like Be Your Own Pet, or No Doubt before they took themselves seriously.

The trio formed in Boston, Massachusetts, but now base themselves in London and their most recent track is more hi-speed and abrasive than their previous lo-fi output, with vocalist and bassist Taylor Pollock clearly sounding like she’s having massive a laugh, touching on heterogeneous subjects like getting naked, awkward handshakes and a bit at the end reminding men not to be arseholes, whilst keeping the party going. In their live set, this would be the song that causes a mosh pit, but a mosh pit where everyone’s grinning, patting each other on the back and making goofy faces instead of elbowing each other in the head and getting black eyes.

‘Cool Down’ is out now and you can hear it on all the streaming services. We’ve put the Spotify link right here on this page so you can give it a listen.

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