Wez King – We Were Young

Cheersome reflection on the changing face of solid friendship is the order of the day on Wez King’s latest record ‘We Were Young’. Reminiscing about getting into scrapes with an old pal, ending up in fights on nights out, “a puff of smoke, a white line”, all night and day partying and drinking, the singer-songwriter acknowledges his warm feelings about those lost days but decides he much prefers the lives and the companionship they share now.

King soundtracks his message of enduring affection for his mate through the lows and the highs with carefree strumming acoustic guitar and tambourines, a positive and upbeat sound that’d have any group of mates hugging and shouting along at the end of a, maybe older and slightly less raucous but no less memorable, summer’s night.

‘We Were Young’ was released on 8th July 2022 and is available to hear on the streaming platforms now. Have a listen on the Spotify link below:

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