Baby Queen – Nobody Really Cares

The title may sound apathetic as fuck but actually Baby Queen is being punk as hell with new single ‘Nobody Really Cares’ aloofly smashing through walls and walls of self-consciousness and fear of looking silly to say nobody’s really paying attention to what you’re doing anyway so you may as well do whatever the hell you like.

The song leaps between grunge-flecked dirty pop-punk guitar breaks, rapped verses and sung chorus hooks, to deliver the timeless and revolutionary message to do whatever it is you will, even if that’s crashing daddy’s car, getting kicked out of bars, “sabotage your two months sober, spend a weekend on your sofa”, because when all’s said and done – everyone’s more interested in their self. A freeing message indeed.

‘Nobody Really Cares’ was released on 4th July 2022 and you can watch the single’s video below:

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