Himalayas – Alone

Cardiff five piece Himalayas have managed to pick up massive momentum over the past few years with a string of gut-punchingly brooding rock numbers culminating in 2020’s delicious ‘We Love To Hate’. Latest single ‘Alone’ sees the lads firing on all cylinders yet again, as it’s a gloriously sleazy sounding leviathan of a tune right from the opening machine gun blast of riffage.

The guitars are as hard as the guitars on a Himalayas track have ever been (which is incredibly fucking hard) with several gleefully satisfying solos and singer Mike Griffiths commits some nightmarishly creepy lyrics over ear-drum destroying musical craftsmanship. If you want your rock’n’roll to scare you a bit whilst making your ears bleed beads of pure ecstatic joy, ‘Alone’ is the track you want to put on right now.

‘Alone’ was released on 29th July 2022. The video sees the band playing for their lives in front of a hoard of grabbing shadows, visuals as ominously foreboding as the song itself. You can take a look for yourself below:

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