Grave Goods – Source

Existentialism and the post-punk genre go hand in hand. What better way to express the emptiness and therefore fullness of existence than through visceral and abrasive musical soundscapes and thought provoking lyrics free from the usual critical boundaries of other media? Taking full advantage, Grave Goods have grasped the medium of post-punk by it’s wilful wrists and on new single ‘Source’ have used it to explore the depths of Jean Paul Sartre’s philosophy, depths they’re due to dive further into on forthcoming debut LP ‘Tuesday. Nothing Exists’.

For now then, ‘Source’ sees the band who feature members of PINS, Girls Names and September Girls consider, with robotic, austere vocals, the flow of nature, following it back to the point of genesis that it came from, an expedition underpinned with piercingly angular guitars and shuddering bass, before shrugging leaps and bounds of mental gymnastics off with a casually simple “I don’t care”.

Grave Goods debut album ‘Tuesday. Nothing Exists’ is due to be released on 9th September 2022. It’s available to pre-order on limited red 12″ vinyl and digital release now through Band Camp. The record’s full track list is below:

1. Come
2. Source
3. Miles
4. None
5. Story
6. Eneeway
7. Die

‘Source’ was released on 3rd August 2022 and you can watch the single’s video below:

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