The Amazons – How Will I Know?

More usually versed in producing punchy, radio-friendly, indie-club dancefloor filling tunes, The Amazons have taken a bit of a departure on latest single ‘How Will I Know?’, instead venturing into a realm many experienced artists explore a few albums into their humongously successful career, of the blatant, towering, monumentally soaring Coldplay-level rock anthem and, boy, have they managed to do it in style.

All of the emotions are being prodded and poked here as the Reading four-piece mull over the remains of a relationship on it’s way down, kicking things off by belting out the magnificently succinct opening line “Damn out of luck and damn out of time”, as both parties go on to realise all that’s left of their love is just enough material for an utterly heart-breaking hit record.

‘How Will I Know?’ was released on 21st July 2022. You can pre-order The Amazons third album, due to be released on 9th September 2022 on the band’s official online store. The group are also heading out on tour, starting in September, and tickets are still available to snap up.

As should be expected for a song with this calibre of sentimentality, the video features lots of shots of American sunsets, embracing couples and longing looks into the distance, but when it’s done as well as this it’s actually rather touching. You can watch it below:

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