Harri Larkin – Bonfire Toffee

Indie surf funk wonders Harri Larkin are back with their first single since last year’s ‘Beach City’ album and they’re totally on form. Having opened the main stage of Tramlines Festival this year, the Sheffield trio grasp the limelight shining on them right now with ‘Bonfire Toffee’ and it just so happens to be the best song they’ve put out there yet.

If Snail Mail hailed from the various areas of the UK that Harri Larkin come from (namely Cornwall and South Yorkshire) she might come up with something a little like this, a chilled out alt-pop hymn to wide-eyed love, heartache and whirlwind, beach-side romance. And another thing, if you’re asking, the most gorgeous part of the record is where it pares right down at the two minute thirty mark but, instead of fading off like it could, the track utterly explodes again and there’s a whole minute more of dopamine secreting, sun-bleached excellence.

‘Bonfire Toffee’ is out today – Friday 26th August 2022 and you can head over to Spotify to listen the hell out of it any time you like. We’ve sorted you out with a link below:

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