Angel Hotel – Automobile

Escapist abandonment doesn’t come any more insistently joyful than Cardiff four-piece Angel Hotel’s latest single ‘Automobile’. On this, their fifth single, the group fully embrace the quintessence of their retro dream-pop pizazz by summing up the elation of hopping in an unassuming motor vehicle, driving to the middle of nowhere and idyllically getting away from it all, jazzing up the stress-eschewing narrative with loads of snazzy keytar synthesiser and truly fuzzed up guitar. It’s what amounts to a sheerly gladsome hit of happiness.

If we may hold ‘Automobile’ up as evidence, Angel Hotel seem to be able to pull off feel-good, 1980’s inspired, jangly-indie power rock at it’s inspirative, jubilant greatest without breaking out a sweat (unless singer Siôn Russell Jones’s bandana isn’t for purely aesthetical purposes).

‘Automobile’ was released on 5th August 2022 on Recordiau Côsh Records and is available to stream on all of the streaming sites as we live and breathe. The band have also put out an incredible video to go with the song which sees the foursome playing with various cardboard cut-out video games and toys on a nostalgia strewn kid’s TV set. You can see the video below:

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