Pixy Jones – Hold Your Tongue

If you haven’t freaked out yet today then we recommend you stick on Pixy Jones’ new single ‘Hold Your Tongue’ and save your daily dose of freaking out until then. Err… no, not because of the screwy walrus mask the songsmith and sometime member of South Wales music scene stalwarts El Goodo has donned for his solo project, we mean purely in the 60’s freak scene sense, as the Resolven musician has managed to craft a solid slice of psychedelia that we could easily believe had been committed to wax just over half a century ago.

Boasting hammond organ straight off of a Zombies track, gravelly vocals singing words that don’t make much sense but sound fucking mint, an extraordinary harmony, a magnificently psychedelic blues guitar break and an outro packing reversed drumbeats, ‘Hold Your Tongue’ couldn’t be any more authentically 60’s rock’n’roll if it was actually authentic 60’s rock’n’roll.

Pixy Jones releases his debut solo album ‘Bits n Bobs’ on 16th September 2022 through Strangetown Records and ‘Hold Your Tongue’ is the album’s third and final single. ‘Bits n Bobs’ is available to order on vinyl LP, CD and digitally over on bandcamp now.

You can listen to ‘Hold Your Tongue’ right now at the Spotify link below:

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