The National feat. Bon Iver – Weird Goodbyes

The National and Bon Iver teaming up on a record sounds like it should be the kind of release that has fanfares going off, a momentous coming together of the greatest minds of the folk-rock scene getting everyone majorly excited, the wet dream of the late noughties indie fan. But a decade on, the release of ‘Weird Goodbyes’ has passed with little more than a slight nod of acknowledgement.

The National

Maybe it’s for the best because The National’s latest single shows the band on top form, no gimmicks needed. Documenting with trademark wry humour ever relatable themes of letting go of the past, severe second thoughts and regret, all taking part in a clapped-out car on a stormy night as some nostalgic tunes play over the radio, Bon Iver joining the group on the poignant chorus of a song largely built on piano and drum machine, as well as featuring the London Contemporary Orchestra, two major indie players slotting together nicely (alongside an orchestra) without demanding any special attention.

Bon Iver

‘Weird Goodbyes’ was released on 22nd August 2022 and is the first single to materialise from The National’s as-yet-untitled ninth studio album.

You can find the lyric video for ‘Weird Goodbyes’ below:

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