Static Inc – Brithgofion

Cardiff art rock three-piece, Static Inc, have put out their latest Welsh language EP ‘Brithgofion’, a literal mosaic of mesmeric sound and genres, taking onboard classic and prog-rock, then buffing it up with a contemporary indie sheen to craft a collection of sublime otherworldly and vital melodies.

Recorded entirely in their own home studios, many of the tracks, in fact all of them apart from ‘Ymlacio’, take the listener on adventures of prog-rock levels of sprawl far betraying their humble lo-fi origin. With ‘Reykjavík’ growing from yearning, folky beginnings to flourish into sprawling guitar – we’ve never been, but would hazard a guess the song’s designed as a soundtrack for a train ride through the city, ‘Manwl’ being a procession of powerful build ups, explosions and stilled hushes, ‘Anamorffosis’ at first leading you down a route like Foals at their Two Steps Twice height, switching halfway into an acoustic strum, then launching off for an intergalactically soaring outro. And ‘Sbwng’ is a complete spongy bliss-out. The only track that goes close to bucking the trend is the EP’s single – ‘Ymlacio’, (‘Relax’ translated in English) centring around Californian classic rock styles, the one song takes the record’s potent ideas and whittles them down to one succinct, euphoric song as its centrepiece.

‘Brithgofion’ was released on Friday 26th August 2022 and is available on your streaming platforms now. You can have a listen on Spotify below:

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