Pyncher – The Saddest Man Around

With their latest single, Pyncher’s message is a simple, succinct and expertly executed one. When over a low slung, slow drag of a rhythm, vocalist and frontman Sam Blakeley declares presumptuously yet authoritatively that he’s ‘The Saddest Man Around’, which also happens to be the single’s title, we must admit we feel inclined to take his word for it.

Thankfully, as well as allegedly being the most miserable fellow in the vicinity, Blakeley is also at the forefront of one of Manchester’s best up-and-coming post-punk bands, which hopefully helps take the edge off his pain little. In summary, Pyncher’s fourth single is a moody belter of gloomy atmospherics and irate despondency whilst maintaining total and utter vital, exhilarating listen status. We emphatically reckon you should give it a listen.

If you like the sound of all of this and wanna catch Pyncher play live, they’re playing Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe supporting King Violet along with The Strangerz and Yasmin Coe on Monday 26th September for the eye wateringly affordable price of £6 per ticket.

‘The Saddest Man Around’ was released on 17th September 2022 and you can listen to it on all the streaming services now. Here it also is on Spotify at the below link:

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