Softcult – One of a Million

Classically, the more shoegaze, dreampop or covered in fuzzy distortion a band is, the more they care about effects units and experimentation over conveying a world-improving message in their music. Canadian duo Softcult are here to buck the trend with a sound crammed with lush melodies, coated in grunge tinted euphoria, yet packing sheer punk, riot grrrl intention right out of the original revolutionary early 90s Seattle scene.

‘One of a Million’ sees siblings Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn demand humbleness and find equal parts liberation and wonder in the notion that everything’s already been done before, no-one’s a beautiful and unique snowflake, so we can all find something to relate to in each other. And yes, the record is absolutely filled with gorgeous ethereal harmonics featuring an ecstatically magnificent climax before a prolonged fade out back to the grey, real world.

Alongside their rhapsodic records, Softcult put out their own DIY zine ‘SCripture’ that you can sign up to digitally or physically on their website, in which they don’t hold back in taking on the grittiest social, political and environmental issues.

Softcult are currently supporting Incubus on tour, so if you like what you hear you just might be able to catch them while they’re in the UK:

24th September – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg (Germany)
28th September – O2 Academy, Birmingham w/ Incubus (UK)
29th September – Royal Albert Hall, London w/ Incubus (UK)
30th September – Royal Albert Hall, London w/ Incubus (UK)
2nd October – O2 Apollo, Manchester w/ Incubus (UK)

Take a look at the band’s self-produced video for ‘One of a Million’, shot on location in Thailand, below:

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