Swim School – delirious

Scottish three piece Swim School have steadily been releasing very remarkable indie rock song after very remarkable indie rock song for the past two years but on latest single ‘delirious’ the group have decided to say a massive “fuck it”, turned their amps up to earbleeding levels, harnessed every bit of distortion and feedback they could generate and made a snarling, jeering, punk rock blowout of a single.

Digging into the difficult to decipher lyrics, the song is all about the rife sexism and misogyny throughout the music industry, singer Alice Johnson’s vocals are twisted into appropriately unyielding sounds to match the accompanying jagged guitar squalls and psychotic drumming, creating a mood that hits somewhere between magnificently aggressive and deliciously unhinged.

Swim School are heading out on tour shortly supporting the excellent Softcult and tickets are still available now. The group are also supporting the mighty Pixies on 17th March in Birmingham but tickets for that gig are very much no longer available and sold out.

Find the lyric video for ‘delirious’ below on YouTube:

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