Dolores Forever – When I Say So

Dropping anchor somewhere between the calculated cool of Wet Leg and the ascendant emotion of Mitski, up and coming indie dreampop duo Dolores Forever follow up their string of 2022 EPs with mesmeric new single ‘When I Say So’, a track built around an icily sparse drumbeat, sonorous bassline and a massive, synth adorned chorus.

Hailing from Yorkshire and Copenhagen, Hannah Wilson and Julia Fabrin describe their blistering new record as being “about reluctantly growing up. There’s the moment when you’re suddenly not the ingénue in the room anymore and everything around you is changing”, drawing on influences from Haim to Fleetwood Mac to tell their heedfully infectious tale of queasily becoming a grown up and choosing when to draw the line.

Dolores Forever play a gig at London’s Omeara on 15th February 2023 and there’s still time to grab a ticket.

You can listen to ‘When I Say So’ on YouTube below:

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