Cobain Jones – Realistic Dreams

Cobain Jones single was originally written and recorded in 1986, a close contender for NME’s original C86 cassette but eventually rejected for showing the rest of the tracks up. Ok, we’re lying here, but if you’re trying to find a reference point for the 20 year old Manchester singer-songwriter’s latest, ‘Realistic Dreams’, you would be right to look toward the 1980s indie scene comprised of early Primal Scream, The Pastels and McCarthy.

The record takes aim at the filtered social media reality TV world of omnistream mass culture. Produced by James Dean Bradfield, the track bears traits that could sound at home on a late 90s Manics record, too – prodigious guitar riffs, expressive vocals, daring lyrics (“Takes anarchy to set us free/ Paint over the cracks inbetween/ Pretty as a picture, idyllic scenery”) but, taking a listen to Cobain’s earlier singles, it’s blatantly apparent these are intrinsic features of Jones’s own songwriting that drew the Preachers’ frontman in as opposed to Bradfield’s own input.

‘Realistic Dreams’ is the first taster from Cobain Jones’ forthcoming EP of the same name and is available to hear on all streaming platforms now. You can see the Youtube lyric video below:

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